Counseling refers to the practices counselors use to treat persons with psychological and relational problems.  It often involves a set of techniques that a counselor use in order to solve the problems that the clients are encountering. These techniques vary among counselors depending on which school of thoughts they adopt in explaining the causes of and appropriate intervention for the presenting problems. This course is designed to provide basic knowledge concerning these various school of thoughts or theories.  It serves as a foundation course in the Marriage and Family Counseling curriculum, providing an understanding of the different counseling theories that support future practice.  The classes will be conducted in various formats including lectures, discussion, role-plays, video analysis, etc. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

1.     Define counselling and describe the historical development of its practice;

2.     Describe how each theory conceptualizes human nature, presenting problems and the change process;

3.     Identify the major counselling techniques used to promote change in each theory;

4.     Describe the important figures associated with each theory and the historical context in which the approach emerged;

5.     Increase the level of enthusiasm about the overall application of the theories to counselling practices.

6.    Be aware of the potential conflict between the counselling theories and the principal Christian doctrines.


L1 Course Introduction

L2   Psychoanalytic approaches

L3. Person-Centered approach

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L4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I

L5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy II

L6. Existential approach

L7. Family Systems approach

L8.   Postmodern approach I - Emotion-Focused Therapy (Mrs. Selina Leung)

L9. Postmodern approach II - Narrative Therapy (Rev. Anders Chan) 

L10. Conclusion


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(1) Learning Log 我的心理傳記 (about 4 000 words)

(2) Biographical Sketch of biblical characters  聖經人物素描 (about 4 000 words)


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